Consultant in the IT space — driving effortless analytics with technology. Degree in Computer Science and Information Systems. Knowledgeable in analytics, enterprise telephony systems, IT support and development. Based in ANZ. Let me assist with your next project.

Years of experience.

In an IT industry with many facets, it can be difficult to find someone that understands the many moving parts in modern enterprise systems. Over the years I have worked with hundreds of products, troubleshot countless issues and acquired meaningful skills which would be valuable in your IT environment.

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Converting raw data into meaningful insights is a critical business activity. With years of experience using industry-standard analytic tools like Tableau, I can generate answers to even the curliest of questions.


All the code in the world cannot save you from a bad design. I have a complete and thorough understanding of Photoshop which allows me to quickly design, mock-up, alter or reproduce images for any need quickly and effectively.


Hire someone that understands the ins and outs of the platform you are developing for. I have experience producing high-quality, guideline-following Android applications. The latest of which is CamAlert.


The IT industry is constantly evolving, and to keep up requires a real passion for technology. I love working in the field and have so for many years. I'm always looking to develop new skills or hone old ones.

Well rounded.

From design to development, I have a breadth of IT experience you can leverage to get results. Too often IT professionals have compartmentalised IT knowledge and fail to see the potential in the systems they manage. Having worked with a wide-range of software solutions and platforms, I have the capacity to assist wherever you may need it.

HTML / CSS Bootstrap NodeJS JavaScript Java Android Development Tableau SQL
Adobe Photoshop Desktop Support Oracle JDE E1 Analytics Project Management Cisco CDR Analytics Windows Server / Linux Interactive Intelligence CIC

Project Driven.


Distractions are dangerous. Stay focused while driving. Let CamAlert look out for nearby speed cameras before it's too late. With visual and audible warnings, you'll never be caught out again.


BetterListing enhances and themes the default NGINX directory listing WITHOUT the need for PHP or the Fancy Index module. BetterListing also provides Instant Search to filter large directories quickly.

Medsafe Search

Search the MedSafe New Zealand Product and Application database effectively with MedSafe Search. Use wildcards, multiple search terms, explicit terms and retrieve regulatory information in seconds.

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