Consultant in the IT space — driving the effortless experience with technology. Knowledgeable in cloud infrastructure, contact-centre telephony, enterprise analytics, web development and project management.


Auckland based on-site or remote consulting available to build your IS project capacity. Experienced delivering enterprise IS technologies and projects from inception through to final delivery. Engage on-the-ground expertise to deliver scale projects that are fit for purpose, deliver value and follow best practice.

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Areas of Experience

Cloud Architecture

Combining cloud services with on-premise IT infrastructure is quickly becoming a mainstay in enterprise environments. I can deliver best-practice migrations and deployments to your clients with recommended architectures.

Information Systems

The IT industry is constantly evolving, and to keep up requires a real passion for technology. I hands-on experience with a wide variety of technology platforms across hardware, software and network solutions in businesses of all sizes.


All the code in the world cannot save you from a bad design. With experience building websites, mobile apps, transformation pipelines and dashboards, I have developed a thorough understanding of modern design principles and usability.

Project Management

With tested experience delivering true agile projects, I can lead your project team to deliver expected value steadily throughout your projects — without surprises by proactively managing your resources and stakeholders.

Tooling & Skillset

From technical design to development, I have a breadth of IT experience you can leverage to supplement your project delivery team. I have worked with a wide-range of software solutions and platforms, and I have the capacity to assist your technical delivery.

Cloud Infrastructure
Amazon Web Services, DigitalOcean
Infrastructure as Code
Terraform, Terragrunt
Business Analytics
Tableau, Power BI, QuickSight
Software Development
Python, Java, Git, Jenkins
Web Development
HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Adobe Creative Cloud
Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom
Contact Centre
AWS Connect, CIC, IVR, Reporting
Project Management
Agile, Sprints, SoW, Reporting
Web Servers
NGINX, NodeJS, Caching, CDN, DNS
IT Support and Ticketing
Troubleshooting, SLAs, On Call
Business Continuity Planning
Diaster Recovery, Documentation
AWS Data Transformation
Lambda, Athena, Glue, RDS
Web Scraping
BS4, Pandas, SQLAlch, Docker
System Administration
Ubuntu Server, Windows Server
Workflow Management
Harvest, Accelo
Change Management
Impact Analysis, Peer Review, Release

Personal Projects


CamAlert is a Android driving aid that looks out for nearby speed cameras before it's too late and keeps you apprised of various speed limits. With visual and audible warnings, you'll never be caught out again.


BetterListing enhances and themes NGINX directory listings without the need for PHP or the popular Fancy Index module. BetterListing also provides Instant Search to filter large directories quickly.

Medsafe Search

Search the MedSafe New Zealand Product and Application database effectively with MedSafe Search. Use wildcards, multiple search terms, explicit terms and retrieve regulatory information in seconds.

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